Novel Coronavirus Continues to Spread


Global case numbers reached 312,000 overall, with significant case growth in Italy and Spain.  Johns Hopkins reports that there have been more than 13,407 deaths from COVID 19 with Italy suffering the most at 4,825 known dead, more than China and Iran have reported.  (Note that I say “reported” because data from both Chin and Iran is largely suspect and believed to be vastly under reported.)

A few other interesting data points:

  • Washington State seems to be flattening its curve as cases grow more slowly, showing that social distancing and quarantines can and do work. 
  • Of all the coronavirus tests in Washington, 25,328, or 93 percent, have tested negative.  That’s pretty good for a state that lead the country in COVID-19 cases for most of March.
  • Nationally, more than 195,000 people have been tested for the virus.
  • In the past several days, New York State surged past Washington and now has 10,356 known cases, more than six times Washington’s reported 1,647 cases.
  • In addition to New York and Washington, California and New Jersey also have more than 1,000 cases.  Six other states have more than 500 cases.  There are now more states with over 100 cases than there are states with fewer than 100.
  • West Virginia, which was the last state in the nation to report a case, now has 12 reported cases.  It remains the state with the fewest infections.

Lockdowns Grow

More governors, mayors and other municipal officials are requesting, and in some cases insisting, that people stay home so that we can break the cycle of infection that is leading to the spread of COVID 19.

I’ve seen news reports that 1 in 4 Americans are now on lockdown.  I’m not sure that’s enough.