August 31: Global Coronavirus Trends Point to European Surge

Taking a look at the growth of the virus over the past two weeks shows some interesting trends.  Growth slowed in all of the top 20 countries except Spain, France, Italy, Turkey and Germany.  Looks like Europe may be seeing a resurgence.

Global COVID data over the past two weeks.
Global COVID-19 cases data from Johns Hopkins shows cases are climbing in Western Europe.
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August 31: The Best Gun Combos for Car Carry

When your pistol alone isn’t enough, pistol-caliber carbines that use the same magazine as your primary concealed carry gun are an excellent addition.

In my last post, I mentioned that I carry an AR pistol in my vehicle when I make a road trip because it gives me lots of fire power and can legally be carried loaded and concealed when I cross state lines, assuming the state I am visiting has CCW reciprocity with my home state. 

Today, we’re going to take a deeper look at the issue of carrying something in your car in addition to a compact, concealed pistol on your belt or in a pocket.

Please keep in mind that I am not a lawyer and gun laws vary from state to state and sometimes within a state.  Research your local laws and/or consult an attorney before you follow my suggestions.

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August 29: Hurricanes, Riots and Guns, Oh My!

Hurricane Laura is bringing heavy rain to the Mid Atlantic sates while protesters are bringing spray paint, fireworks and violence to cities across the country.

The death toll for Hurricane Laura has climbed to 14 in the U.S. and more than 800,000 people are without power.  Remnants of the storm headed north into Arkansas before heading east today, bringing heavy rains and wind across the Mid-Atlantic states and parts of the South. 

The 12th named storm of the year, Laura came ashore earlier than any other L-named storm in history.  Future storms are still possible and could target vulnerable sections of the Gulf or East Coast. Prep now, before it is too late.

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August 28: Future Threats You Should Prepare for Now

As bad as hurricanes and forest fires are, there are plenty of far more serious potential disaster to prep for.

Over the past couple of days, our daily report has focused on the disaster of the moment: Hurricane Laura, forest fires, riots and looting, and COVID-19.

Today, let’s look at the threats we may face in the future:


War is probably the biggest global threat right now.  China could attack Taiwan, or war could break out between the U.S. and China. Possibly due to an accident or mistake.  Likewise, it could be war between China and India.  It could be war with India and Pakistan.  It could be a new outbreak of war in the Middle East with Iran vs Israel or even Iran versus Saudi Arabia, especially after the arms embargo expires and Chinese and Russian weapons pour into Iran.  If North Korea suffers a change in leadership, Kim Jong Un’s  successor could strike out as a show of strength.  Let’s not forget that Russia is always ready to take advantage of an opportunity to bring part of the Soviet Union (like Balrus) back under its wings.

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August 27 Diary – Our Move Grows A Step Closer

We are getting closer to moving to our perfect prepper home by upgrading it and making cosmetic improvements to our existing home prior to selling it.

We’re taking steps towards putting our current house on the market by doing small things like installing new carpet in the basement (in actuality, turning what was our prep storage room into a game room) and power washing the exterior.  I may have to do some interior painting in the basement as well.  These are largely primarily cosmetic changes that may not boost the price but will give the buyer one less thing to complain about. 

We expect to start meeting with realtors after Labor Day to see who we want to represent us as a seller agent.

Our hopes of being fully moved into our perfect prepper property by the election day are closer to being realized.  Even if we don’t make it, in two months we’ll be in a position where we can bug out to the new house and comfortably spend weeks or months there.  I intend to vote early and then get out of town a few days before the election. I see the election as a potential flash point, so this is just a precaution.

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August 27: Hurricane Laura Thunders Ashore

Hurricanes, riots, looting, shootings, a rising crime rate and failing cities make this an excellent time to embrace prepping.

Hurricane Laura roared ashore in the middle of the night, hitting Lake Charles, La., and the surrounding area.  Early reports are that there is extensive damage to buildings, including commercial buildings in the downtown area.  Winds and storm surge were so high that calls for rescue by those who refused to evacuate have had to go unanswered.

While folks in Louisiana and Texas braced for a natural disaster, man-made problems erupted across the country. Rioting and looting broke out again in Minneapolis after an armed suspect sought by police committed suicide.  Security cameras recorded him shooting himself but this incident still provided all the excuse locals needed to attack Target CVS, Walgreens, Foot Locker, a liquor store, apparel stores, and multiple restaurants.

Seems like some folks are just looking for an excuse to loot.

Meanwhile, the Republican National Convention speakers are using the violent protests, rising crime rates and defund the police movement to drive home their point that Democrats are soft on crime socialists who have no problem destroying businesses and want to release criminals from jail.  The riots may have been intended to create chaos and weaken the president but as things get out of hand the pendulum is swinging the other direction. 

COVID-19 By the Numbers

The U.S. reported 44,934 new cases of COVID-19 in the past 24 hours as well as an additional 1,193 deaths. Global cases have surpassed 24.27 million while deaths were up over 7,000.

August 26: Riot Deaths Give Glimpse of an Ugly Future

Violence reached a new level yesterday as rioters were shot and killed, not by police, but by counter protesters. Is this what the future holds for the U.S.?

Riots continued in Kenosha, Wi., where at least three were shot last night, apparently by one or more armed counter protesters. Some reports are that one of those shot was throwing Molotov cocktails at a gas station while two others were shot after attacking a gun-wielding counter protester. Photos show that one of the rioters, who was shot in the arm, was wielding a pistol.

The best coverage I have seen is in the Daily Mail. Just be advised that some of the photos and videos on that link may be a bit graphic.

In the past, protesters confronted by armed citizens have had enough common sense to leave the area.  Armed guards have successfully protected stores, buildings, and neighborhoods.  Last night, rioters chose confrontation instead.

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August 26: Our Prepper Property Upgrades

We make a work trip to our Prepper Property to improve the kitchen, install new lighting, build shelving and move some more gear.

My buddy Karl and I just made a trip to the new house, and because he has a Ford F250 Super Duty with a diesel engine, we rented the biggest trailer U-Haul has, which is a 6’x12’ enclosed cargo trailer.  That’s about twice the cubic feet of the trailer I rented for my last trip, plus it has two axles and hydraulic brakes.

We found out that the trailer has can take a max load of only 2,480 pounds after we had already loaded it with more than 3,500 pounds of gear.  Here’s some of what was in it:

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August 25 Report: It’s been a Hell of a Week and its only Tuesday

Forest fires sweep across California, hurricanes in the Gulf Coast, COVID-19 outbreaks on college campuses and looting in Kenosha. It’s been a hell of a week.

I just spent five days at our new house and I came home to find that all hell is breaking loose across the country. We have no TV up there and I didn’t spend much time online, but here are a few things that occurred while we were gone:

Riots in Kenosha

More riots broke out, this time in Kenosha, Wisconsin.  Complete with wanton destruction, looting, arson, etc.  Rocks and bottles were thrown at police, cars on auto dealer lots were smashed and burned, garbage trucks were set on fire, furniture stores were burned down, and windows were smashed.

You can forgive the local police for not being prepared for the flash riot sprang up after a police shooting but there’s really no excuse for being unprepared for the second day.

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August 19 Report

We will be hitting the road today, so a short update only.

While reported deaths from COVID-19 in the U.S. jumped back up to 1,349 after this weekend’s lull, cases grew by only 43,226 over the past 24 hours, a rate well below the 7-day moving average.  This brings the totals to 171,800 deaths and just shy of 5.5 million cases.

As expected, the number of global cases exceeded 22 million for the first time, growing by 253,000 to 22.17 million.  The number of deaths climbed by about 7,000 to 781,753.