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August 31: Global Coronavirus Trends Point to European Surge

Taking a look at the growth of the virus over the past two weeks shows some interesting trends.  Growth slowed in all of the...
Burning car

August 31: The Best Gun Combos for Car Carry

When your pistol alone isn't enough, pistol-caliber carbines that use the same magazine as your primary concealed carry gun are an excellent addition.
A hurricane seen from space

August 29: Hurricanes, Riots and Guns, Oh My!

Hurricane Laura is bringing heavy rain to the Mid Atlantic sates while protesters are bringing spray paint, fireworks and violence to cities across the country.
An Apache Longbow helicopter

August 28: Future Threats You Should Prepare for Now

As bad as hurricanes and forest fires are, there are plenty of far more serious potential disaster to prep for.
Samples of carpet color

August 27 Diary – Our Move Grows A Step Closer

We are getting closer to moving to our perfect prepper home by upgrading it and making cosmetic improvements to our existing home prior to selling it.
NOAA image of a storm

August 27: Hurricane Laura Thunders Ashore

Hurricanes, riots, looting, shootings, a rising crime rate and failing cities make this an excellent time to embrace prepping.
blm sign at protest

August 26: Riot Deaths Give Glimpse of an Ugly Future

Violence reached a new level yesterday as rioters were shot and killed, not by police, but by counter protesters. Is this what the future holds for the U.S.?
A mountain view

August 26: Our Prepper Property Upgrades

We make a work trip to our Prepper Property to improve the kitchen, install new lighting, build shelving and move some more gear.
California forest burns. Photo by Matt Howard on Unsplash

August 25 Report: It’s been a Hell of a Week and...

Forest fires sweep across California, hurricanes in the Gulf Coast, COVID-19 outbreaks on college campuses and looting in Kenosha. It's been a hell of a week.

August 19 Report

We will be hitting the road today, so a short update only. While reported deaths from COVID-19 in the U.S. jumped back up to 1,349...