Just say No and COVID Mandates Will Backfire

Sign stating face coverings required to enter
Sign stating face coverings required to enter

People are sick and tired of adhering to unreasonable, unexplainable COVID-19 rules and regulations, the insistence of mask mandates, vaccine requirements, and restrictions on their travel. In France, they are protesting in the streets. In Australia, they are being arrested and fined for leaving their homes. Here in the U.S., the Federal government is pressuring companies to require their employees to be vaccinated and school boards are forcing children to wear masks.

Restaurants in places like New York are also fed up with requirements that reduce their customer base and make them the bad guys. They just want to serve food, not police public adherence to medical mandates.

Passive Resistance

My advice to anyone who objects to the mandates is to just say no. Use passive resistance and REFUSE to:

  • Spend money at stores that require masks
  • Work for companies who require vaccinations
  • Eat at restaurants that require proof of vaccination
  • Buy brands that require employees to be vaccinated
  • Travel on airlines and cruise ships that require proof of vaccination
  • Support any business

Do not comply, do not spend money there, do not give them your business. Most businesses cannot afford to alienate 30 percent of their customer base, or more than 50 percent of their younger customers.

For example, Tyson Foods is requiring all their employees to be vaccinated. They are doing this to prevent repeats of the plant closures that took place last year during the COVID crisis. How do you think they will react when 20 or 30 percent of their workforce refuses to get vaccinated? I bet plant managers responsible for production numbers will ignore corporate policy just to keep the lines running by granting exemptions or failing to enforce the rule.

Active Resistance

Alternatively, you can actively resist and refuse to wear a mask or show proof of vaccination. Force the company to refuse you service or kick you out. Force them to call the police, because most law enforcement officers don’t want to be bothered enforcing mask mandates.

Is violating the company’s policies polite? No, but how rude are these policies that segregate customers into two groups and then discriminate against one of them? Tell them you are disabled and that the Americans with Disabilities Act prohibits discrimination against the disabled. Then tell them they are discriminating against you and you will sue them.

Likewise, if you are a remote worker and your company wants you to come in to the office, refuse to do so. Force them to either let you work remotely or fire you. I bet four out of five employers will let you continue to work remotely because it is hard to find new employees right now.

I have actively violated concealed carry restrictions for years. While I would prefer not to do business with companies that have signs and policies preventing firearms on site, sometimes that is not possible. If the sign says no firearms, I wear my gun concealed. If the sign says no concealed carry, I will wear it openly and force them to confront me. So far, no one ever has.  In most cases, the employees working there don’t give a damn about rules made by someone else, often in another state.

Rights vs Wrongs

Whether or not you choose to be vaccinated is not the point. My point is that people should have the right to decide whether they want to wear a mask or get the vaccine. I also agree that restaurants and stores have the right to require masks or proof of vaccination, but I should be the owner, franchisee or local management’s decision. I do not agree that the government has the right to force private business to require vaccination and make them responsible for verifying proof of vaccination, especially since no legislature has passed this law.

Likewise, I respect that there are people who do not want to risk exposure to COVID-19. They have the right to avoid concerts, clubs, crowded restaurants, busy bars, airlines and cruise ships. Those afraid of COVID-19 due to their personal health issues also have the right to choose to stay at home and order everything online. They don’t, however, have the right to force me or you to stay home.

Prepare for it to get Worse

President Biden’s approval rating is dropping like a stone, thanks in a large part to his botched Afghanistan policy and the abandonment of tens of thousands of American citizens and friends after the Taliban took over. However, his numbers were dropping before the Afghanistan debacle due to his administration’s handling of COVID-19 and the border crisis.

As the president’s numbers get worse, his advisors will not seek to buoy them by pulling back on vaccine mandates or closing the border. Instead, they will double down, making things stricter, because they are socialists and this is what socialists do. That will backfire, causing more Americans to resent and resist the government’s tyrannical executive orders. That’s when we will see protests and violence in the streets.

On April 6, 2020, I warned you that the coronavirus could lead to civil unrest, and it did. Now I am warning you that it could happen again. Be prepared.