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A female shooting a scoped precision rifle.

Will Russia Bite off More than it can Chew?

In 2014, many Ukrainians supported Russia. Today, that number has dwindled and true Ukrainians are training to fight for their homeland.
A rifle-toting soldier in camo in the woods.

I’m Glad I don’t Live in Ukraine Right Now

I would fight if my country was invaded, but I would hate to see it come to that. I expect many Ukrainians feel the same way.
Out water pipe runs up the left of this old logging road.

Bitter Cold Headed Our Way

Cold temperatures are sweeping the U.S. with frost warnings in Florida and blizzard warnings in the Northeast. We're looking at sub-zero temperatures.
prepper news update

Prepper News January 28: Big Food Raises Prices

Kraft Heinz, the maker of not just cheese and ketchup but many more food items, including cold cuts, hot dogs, Kool-Aid and Maxwell House...
A man fires a gun at an indoor gun range

Liberals Suddenly Want to Own Guns

People who have no interest in guns generally make poor gun owners who don't know how to use or properly store their weapons.
Frozen pipe spewing chunks of ice.

Cold Temperatures Bring Ice in All the Wrong Places

There's more to being a prepper than storing food; to be truly self-sufficient, you have to be able to fix things yourself.
An empty soup shelf from May 2020

When they say “Empty Shelves,” they mean “Food Shortages”

"Empty shelves" is a trending topic, but why don't they just come out and say we have a food shortage? Stock up or risk going hungry.
Crime Scene

Liberals and their “Rules for Thee but not for Me” Mentality

It amuses me when the unintended consequences of liberal policies result in problems that affect... liberals.
White male with a 1911 pistol

I’m The Problem with America

The socialists in our government hate people like me. We represent everything they hate about America's past and everything they want to change in its future
looting a Walgreens Pharmacy, Photo by Gabe Pierce on Unsplash.

“Nothing can Breed Violence Like Scarcity”

When empty shelves go from being an occasional problem to a constant one, expect violence and crime to break out. It's going to get ugly.