Biden Demonstrates his Weakness, Again

Biden hangs his head
He's not praying, he's just beaten down. Biden is a weakpresident.

If Joe Biden did not know about the FBI’s Mar-a-Lago raid, as his press secretary claims, then he should ask Attorney General Merrick Garland to resign. Failure to do so, and his failure to express outrage that he wasn’t informed of such an important decision, just cements his place in history as a weak, incompetent president.

Biden and the Democrats must be pretty scared of Trump in 2024 if they have to resort to banana republic tactics, like sending your secret police (oops, I mean FBI goons) to raid his house. Yet another sign of apparent weakness.


When Nancy Pelosi went to Taiwan, Biden shied away from the controversy, telling Taiwan that the Congress is a separate wing of the government, and he has no control over what Nancy does. What a crock! She flew a military plane. Biden is the Commander-in-Chief. If he wanted to stop Nancy from going to Taiwan, he could have told the Air Force not to fly to Taiwan.

Biden is also the supposed head of the Democratic Party. If he didn’t want Nancy to go to Taiwan, he could have leveraged his position to convince her not to go. Instead, Biden looks weak compared to Pelosi.

He also looks weak compared to China. He could have publicly said, “No one tells the United States where it can and cannot go. If you interfere with Nancy’s trip and we will consider it an act of war.” China could still hold all the drills they want, after the fact, but we would at least be on record, having made our position clear. Since they did not interfere with the trip, we would look like winners.

Ukraine Invasion

Biden tried for weeks to stop the invasion of Ukraine. He failed. His threats meant nothing to Russia. Not only did China see that, and they acted accordingly, the world saw it. A country with a weak leader is no threat at all. That’s bad for the U.S., and for peace.

After the invasion, the U.S. and the world put together a package of sanctions to punish Russia. Russia shrugged them off. Again, the U.S. looked weak. Worse than that, the sanction hurt Europe and increased inflation on both sides of the Atlantic.

Germany, who no one ever accused of being stupid, realized that the U.S. could not protect them any longer and started building up their military budget.

“Zero Inflation”

On Tuesday, both Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris said there had been “zero inflation” in July. That’s an example of doublespeak from the Novel 1984 by George Orwell. A more accurate statement would be, “Inflation did not grow worse in July. We are hopeful this represents the peak and that the inflation rate will continue to drop.”

The need to twist words and change definitions, like denying that two quarters in a row is a sign the country is in a recession, is another example of the current administration’s weakness and lack of control. They either can’t or won’t control the economy, so they distort the truth and try to convince you there is no recession and the inflation rate is zero.

One year ago, Biden kicked off his downward slide by running from the conflict in Afghanistan, leaving $7 billion of military hardware in the country, and abandoning the people of Afghanistan, dooming them to a future of terror, starvation, and economic collapse. Some people think the FBI raid is nothing but a distraction from that anniversary, a breaking story to keep the Afghan withdrawal from being covered by cable news.

The Next Elections

Biden is losing supporters among Blacks, Latinos and other minority voters. Apparently, some of them are waking up to the fact that they had it better when Trump was president. Just as a rising tide lifts all boats, draining the bathtub causes them all to sink. And that’s right where we are headed, a downward spiral.

I think the Biden Administration is holding back the bad news, trying to make things look as rosy as possible. That’s why they lie, deny, doublespeak, and try to distract us. Because if more people knew how bad things were, the Democrats would go down in flames.

Video of the Day

The video below, which I first saw on Survival Blog, does a good job of explaining why preppers get political. I never set out to be political in my prepping blog, but with the coming collapse being hastened by politics, there are times it is difficult to avoid it. This post is one such example.