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An empty airport seating area.

The Coronavirus Report July 31 – An Economic Death Spiral

Travel and tourism are just one of the many segments of the economy that are collapsing as a result of COVID-19. Consumers are afraid to travel, to go out to eat, and to spend money.

Coronavirus Report July 30: World Tops 17 Million Cases

There are more than 17 million cases of confirmed Coronavirus cases globally, 17.061 million to be exact.  This has resulted in 667,808 deaths. In the...
Gold and silver coins

Precious Metals for Preppers

We answer the questions: Do gold and silver have a role in your preparedness planning? If so, what types should you buy and when?
Stock trading charts

Coronavirus Report July 29: COVID-19 Doesn’t Scare us Anymore

Even as deaths climb, COVID-19 doesn't frighten us as much as it once did, but the economic repercussions could be devastating.
A couple watching the sunset. Photo by Anukrati Omar on Unsplash

Coronavirus Report July 28: A Million New Cases Every Four Days

While the world added a million new cases of COVID-19 in only four days, cases in the U.S. appear to be reaching a plateau. Will this turn into a peak or just a pause is yet to be determined.
A magnified view of the coronavirus

Coronavirus Report July 27: Cases Slow in Some States

Some of the Sun Belt states that had seen the biggest jump in coronavirus cases see number decline.
The view from our deck

Prepper Diary July 26: We Close on our Prepper Property

After two years of searching, we finally spend our first night in our new property. There's work to be done, like eradicating the mice that call it home.
Sign asking mass transit riders to wear a face mask. Photo by Shawn Ang on Unsplash.

Coronavirus Report July 23: Covid-19 Deaths Rise as More Closures Creep...

Americans are pulling back, becoming less mobile, as the number of deaths attributed to COVID-19 increase.
2-pound bags of four at Sam's Club

Prepper Diary July 22: We Break Quarantine, Again

After avoiding the city for almost a month and going on self-imposed quarantine for more than a week, I venture out and find others are playing it safe, too.

Coronavirus Report July 22

Coronavirus cases in the U.S. increased by 65,500 over the past 24 hours, to 3,910,300 people.  This is a jump of 1.7 percent.  Deaths...