May 18 Coronavirus Report: Cases Drop


Reported coronavirus cases in the U.S. grew by 19,000 in the past 24 hours, an increase of only 1.3 percent, to 1,493,600.  The death toll also sunk below 1,000, with only 900 new deaths added in the past 24 hours, an increase of 1 percent and the lowest number since March when the virus was build towards its peak.  The U.S. is now reporting a total of 89,504 deaths due to COVIID-19.

However, the list of states where the New York Times considers the case load to be increasing has grown.  Here’s how today’s report compares to prior ones:

Chart showing states where COVID-19 is increasing
Chart showing states where the New York Times reports COVID-19 is increasing

Again, we don’t know exactly what criteria the times uses to make these decision.  From our perspective, cases in Virginia and North Carolina are definitely growing and do not appear to have hit their peak yet.  On the other hand, cases in Alaska, Guam, and Michigan are clearly on the downward slide, even if cases ticked up a few of their recent lows.

As it relates to states that have recently reopened, Georgia remains in the decreasing category while Texas, Florida, Ohio and a number of others remain in the steady column.

Globally, cases climbed 82,000 and there were 3,466 deaths reported, both slightly below the recent trend. 

To put these figures into perspective, you can look back at yesterday’s report or numbers from a week ago.