Coronavirus Report July 10


The New York Times reported 59,886 cases of COVID-19 in the past 24 hours, ringing the U.S. total to 3,131,500.  Deaths declined slightly from the day before to 842 for a total of 133,079.  The 7-day moving average remains below 700.

The Times also reports that cases are rising in 39 states and protectorates, led by California, Texas and Florida.  The rate of coronavirus growth remains steady in 12 and is decreasing in just 3: Maine, New Hampshire and Vermont.  The debate about whether or not to issue new stay-home orders and to shut down businesses continues.

Globally, cases climbed to 12,293 million while deaths total 555,493. 

Note: We are on the road again, sometimes with limited or no WiFi, so reports and posts might be scarce for the next couple days.