Coronavirus Report July 17: Another Record Day


The U.S. eclipsed its single day record for coronavirus cases, adding 75,700 new cases of COVID-19 to the record books in the past 24 hours. This 2.2 percent job brings the total to 3,588,400 with 138,268 deaths, according to data from the New York Times. 

There were a record number of deaths were reported in Florida (156), South Carolina (69), and Texas (129) yesterday. The overall number of new deaths attributed to the coronavirus in the U.S. yesterday remained under 1,000 at 949.  Hospitalizations continue to spike and show no signs of letting g up. 

Globally, cases grew 248,000, also a record number.  Deaths climbed 5,712 to 590,702.  Countries that were thought to have the virus under control are seeing spikes of their own, although nowhere near levels seen in the U.S.  Spain, Australia and Japan all saw numbers climb.  As we predicted earlier this week, Brazil now has more than 2 million reported cases and India has exceeded 1 million.