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Baking with raisins

Quarantine Day 38: The Great Raisin Search

Today, we hosted the Great Raisin Search and I ended up getting quite a workout in the process.
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Five Weeks in Quarantine and the Novelty has Worn Off

On Day 36 of our life in quarantine, we’re bored, but that’s better than being anxious, frightened or in a panic. Life goes on, but it goes on slowly.
Hunter with shotgun

A Surprising Answer to the Question: What’s the Best Survival Gun

The choice of what makes the best survival gun or gun for preppers has been debated and written about for years and will likely be for many more. Here’s our take.
Sam's Club is out of paper prroducts

Quarantine Day 34: We Make a Sam’s Club Run

I broke quarantine to go to Sam’s Club this morning and spend $350 of our stimulus check on food. Some things were better than expected, some worse, and a few surprised me. A full report follows.
a couple cooking dinner

Food Worries Grow as the Shutdown is Extended

I’ve been worried about food supplies well before the coronavirus disrupted things at the grocery store. Food storage should be the foundation of your preps.
Pete's Bugout Bg

The Dirty Little Secret about Bugout Bags

Bugout bags are a great place to start your prepping, but they are just one step towards preparedness.
Freezer Contents

Quarantine Day 25: Would we Change our Preps?

I’ve got stacks of paperback books, a few hardbacks, a Kindle, streaming services and DirecTv, a computer, an Xbox, and a list of chores, but the best part of the day tends to be the phone calls. I spent about two hours on the phone today, all personal calls.
Protests and Riots

Will the Coronavirus Crisis Lead to Civil Unrest?

How to prepare for protests, riots and looting that the coronavirus or subsequent economic collapse could cause.
How are you, Really

Fighting Coronavirus-Inspired Anxiety

Since the presidential press briefing last night (Tuesday, March 31, 2020), it seems that people are opening their eyes to the reality of COVID-19.  Maybe it...
Lysol Wipes

Day 13: What to Take to Quarantine

My youngest called today to tell me that she is going to quarantine with her boyfriend for the duration of their city’s COVID-19 lockdown. ...